WR Studioworks
Portrait illustration (ink transfer, digital and outline scribble) along with graphic design work.
Go to: wrstudioworks.com

American Punk Junking
Tumblr blog showcasing an ongoing series of artwork with an anti-conservative political bent.
Go to: americanpunkjunking.com


Caren Hyde
Contemporary landscape painter whose influences include European Romanticism and American Tonalism.
Go to: carenhyde.com

Sarah Cahill
Classical pianist specializing in new American music.
Go to: sarahcahill.com

Joe Goodwin
American painter whose "painting allows [his] subconscious perceptions to register graphically, similar to the way they do in dreams." Joe has "come to see painting as a developing solution to the unconscious."
Go to: jgoodwinstudio.com

Graceann Warn
Ms. Warn states that "I paint and I construct. Both my paintings and assemblages use the metaphor of excavation." Beautiful works of art.
Go to: graceannwarn.com

Daphne Taylor
Wonderful fine art quilt making in the Quaker tradition.
Go to: daphnetaylorquilts.com

Dana Tanamachi
A graphic designer and custom chalk letterer living in Brooklyn, New York.
Go to: danatanamachi.com

Jane Dickson
I've been intrigued by her paintings since the 1980s, especially her demolition derbys and carnival midways.
Go to: janedickson.com

Amy Bennett
A painter whose "paintings are glimpses of a scene or fragments of a narrative" and is "interested in storytelling over time through repeated depictions of the same house or car or person, seasonal changes, and shifting vantage points."
Go to: amybennett.com

Alec Soth
Contemporary American photographer.
Go to: alecsoth.com

Linda Adato
Color etchings of the urban landscape.
Go to: lindaadato.com

Mark Ryden
Paintings created to illustrate divine truth in accordance with the secret principles of science and soul."
Go to: markryden.com

Loretta Lux
Contemporary German photographer.
Go to: lorettalux.de

Job, Joris & Marieke
A studio for animation, illustration, character design and music located in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Go to: jobjorisenmarieke.nl

Photographer from a small mountain town in Arkansas who captured the lives and emotions of the people of the surrounding rural area between 1939 & 1945.
Go to: disfarmer.com

The Rothko Chapel
A sacred space open to all. Established to advance human rights, interfaith understanding, and justice. Paintings by Mark Rothko.
Go to: rothkochapel.org