Orange Scribble Automobile

In 1986 I convinced a work buddy of mine to allow me to paint his old slightly beat-up car. He was open to the idea, so over a three-day weekend I painted the car, and we spent the summer driving it around Ann Arbor. One time some angry frat boys yelled at us for driving the thing on Main Street. I guess they had difficulty with anything different.

Barry and I went our separate ways. I moved to New York and I heard years later that the car was sold to somebody, somewhere. I guess the car has disappeared for good so I won't be seeing it going down Main Street or any other street. Too bad.

Southbury Trees No. 9 painting

Late last spring I was given an opportunity to do a large painting when a friend of mine in Ann Arbor commissioned me to do another painting in the Southbury Trees series of art works that depict trees along a horizontal expanse.  As I planned the painting, I decided to take still photos of the painting as I worked to build up the composition using my iPhone and a time-lapse video app.

As I worked through the summer and into the fall, I continued to document the process of doing the painting.  Hand-holding the camera created additional movement as did the repositioning of the equipment and supplies on and adjacent to the easel.

I completed the painting just prior to my deadline.  I packed the piece and Laurel and I drove the painting to Michigan and hung the painting on Thanksgiving morning before heading to my sister's house for Thanksgiving dinner with family.